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Ori Tori (welcome) Irunty Futademura the Irunty Futademura(Welcome to Iriomote Island Hoshitate Village)

Okinawa is a small village called "Hoshitate Village" in the west of Iriomote Island.
It has a history of more than 400 years, and traditional festivals, culture and customs still exist.
A small, old-fashioned village surrounded by houses surrounded by windbreak forests of Fukugi and stone walls made of coral.
It is surrounded by a coral reef in front of you and the back is surrounded by jungle mountains.
It is an everyday scene for people in the village to visit the mountains to the sea in order to get what they need to enjoy the seasons and live their lives.
If you stay in a Hoshitate Settlement, you will surely feel the nostalgic atmosphere.

About current accommodation reservation

  • State of emergency is being announced

    Currently, with the spread of the New Corona, various measures are being taken by the national and prefectural governments.
    Here in Okinawa Prefecture, the state of emergency issued during the period from January 20th (Wednesday) to February 7th (Sunday) in Reiwa 3 will be extended to February 28th.

    Based on the declaration of Okinawa Prefecture, to the traffic refrain from nonessential with the local community an emergency declaration has been issued from the country and each province, staying as far as possible after the declaration released to everyone in the target area even Irunty Futademura We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.(2/6 update)

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  • About GO TO Travel Campaign

    *With the decision to extend the state of emergency
    GoTo Travel Campaign
    Reiwa 3rd March 7th (Sunday) Accommodation (March 8th (Monday) Checkout)
    The suspension has been continued nationwide.

    ★Please see each company's site for details★

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  • It can now be used at the regional common coupon shop.

    *Currently GoTo Travel Campaign is suspended nationwide
      The use of coupons is also suspended.

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Access to Irunty Futademura

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Hotel Name

Irunty Futademura


973-3 Iriomote, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama County, Okinawa Prefecture

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About 20 minutes by car from Uehara Port / Free shuttle bus from the Uehara Port is available / Route bus:2 minutes walk from the Hoshitate bus stop
Irunty Futademura does not provide pick-up service.
Please use the ship + free shuttle bus or rental car to come to Irunty Futademura.
If you decide beforehand how to get from Iriomote Port to the inn before boarding the boat, it will be Iriomote to get to the inn.
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