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Iriomote Island Tourism Information

Enjoy Iriomote Island

  • Iriomote Island is full of attractions.
    If you take a tour and go with a guide, you will be taught various stories of the island, no preparation or preparation is required, and above all, reliable safety and peace of mind promise a pleasant time.
    If you still want to spend your time freely, here are some places where you can go without a guide.

About Iriomote Island

  • Iriomote Island is located in the Yaeyama Islands, a remote island in Okinawa Prefecture, which is located at 24° north latitude and 123° east longitude.
    The area of the island is about 284 square km, and the circumference is about 130 km, which is the second largest Okinawa Main Island in Okinawa Prefecture after the Okinawa Main Island island.
    Approximately 90% of the island is covered with subtropical primeval forest, and it is an academically very valuable place with 15 Designated National Natural Treasure such as the Iriomote wildcat, the Japanese crested eagle, and the Japanese box turtle.
    Iriomote Island has about 40 large and small rivers, and many mangroves are located near the mouth of the river.