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  2. Efforts to prevent corona infection

Efforts to prevent corona infection

Irunty Futademura is making various efforts to prevent New Corona infections.

  • 【New Corona infection spread prevention cooperation office】
    Irunty Futademura prevents the spread of New Corona infections in Taketomi Town
    It was certified as a cooperating establishment.
  • 【1 week health observation system】
    Health observation system by Taketomi Town
  • 【Equipped with hand sanitizer】
    Alcohol disinfectant is provided at the entrance.
    You have poisoned your fingers and entered the store.
    The staff also wash their hands and disinfect their hands.
  • 【Indoor ventilation】
    The entrance door is always open for ventilation.
  • 【Prevention of splash infection】
    A vinyl curtain is installed in front of the cash register to prevent splash infection.
    Staff wear masks.We ask our customers to wear a mask.
  • 【Admission restriction】
    When the front desk/shop is busy, there are restrictions on entry so that it will not be crowded.
    Please wait in the outside chair.
    The chairs are installed at a certain distance.
  • 【Request and consent form for tourists】
    New Coronavirus request you to cooperate and to sign a consent form to "not transmit" or "not transmit" to the New Coronavirus.
  • 【Temperature measurement】
    All guests staying at the hotel cooperate with the temperature measurement upon arrival and twice a day thereafter.
    The staff also takes temperature every day.

New Coronavirus infectious disease infection spread prevention guidelines 

  • Company Name Irunty Futademura
    (Business Category) Ryokan Business Retail Business     
    Representative name Ryuichi Makoto      
    1. Basic checklist
    □ Employee temperature measurement before work □ Thorough hand sanitization of employees
    □ Wearing employee masks   □Installation of hand disinfection equipment at the entrance and facility
    □ Dissemination of mask wear request to visitors
    2. Basic infection spread prevention measures
    (1) How to organize visitors to prevent infectious diseases
    (1) Measures to prevent congestion
    ・Restrict entry as necessary to prevent congestion in the store.
    ・If guests line up in front of the entrance, guide them to wait with chairs installed at intervals of about 1 m.
    ② Entrance restriction method for people with symptoms such as fever
    ・As a general rule, those who have symptoms such as fever, cough and headache are not allowed to enter the store.
    ・The condition of reservation is to carry out health management for about 2 weeks before departure of the trip.
    ③ Other
    ・Please install a thermometer in the accommodation building and request daily temperature measurement.
    ・It displays and informs that customers are advised to visit by reservation or avoid crowded hours.
    ・If you suspect an infection such as a fever or malaise, please wait in your room and avoid contact with other guests.(The same kind of support for travelers)
    (2) How to secure interpersonal distance
    ① Contact infection measures
    ・Use as few items as possible with other people, and disinfect pens and other items used at check-in before and after use.
    ・Introduce a system such as prior contact to minimize customer service at check-in.
    ・Disinfect the returned room keys and equipment.
    ・Introduce a recovery system that does not come into direct contact when changing linens.
    ・Promote advance payment for accommodation charges and cashless payment for shop charges.
    ② Measures against splash infection
    ・If the seats face each other at the counter, etc., shield them with a transparent vinyl curtain.
    ・We ask those who are interested to wear a mask thoroughly outside the accommodation building.
    (3) Ventilation measures for facilities
    ・Always keep two or more windows open.
    (4) Disinfection measures for facilities, equipment, articles, etc.
    ・Disinfect areas that are touched by multiple people as appropriate, and pay particular attention to areas that frequently come into contact, such as tables, doorknobs, tablets, and cash registers.
    ・Disinfect the entire store on a regular basis where there are many opportunities to touch, and strengthen the disinfection and cleaning in the facility.
    ・Disinfect the accommodation building twice at check-out and at check-in.
    (5) Other basic infection spread prevention measures
     ・In order to prevent the spread of infection, you are required to submit a consent form at check-in.
    ・Paper towels will be installed in the toilets of the administration building.
    ・Display a message to close the toilet lid to flush the waste.
    ・Dust to which nose or saliva adheres should be placed in a plastic bag or paper bag, sealed, and then placed in the garbage bag.
    ・After removing the mask and gloves, be sure to wash your hands with soap and running water.
    ・Wash uniforms frequently.
    3. Original infection prevention measures
    ・Restrict entry during check-in and check-out to minimize contact between guests and local residents.