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Facility information

Irunty Futademura offers meal and rental services for guests.
There are some things that you should make a reservation in advance, so please let us know early if you wish.
  • Accommodation building

    The nine cottages of the accommodation building are scattered in a quiet and green Hoshitate Settlement.
    There is a village house next door, and you can feel as if you are living in this village.
    There is a kitchen, toilet and shower room in the accommodation building.
    There is also a washing machine and clothes hangers, so you can wash freely.
    You can use it at your own pace during your stay.
    Since the entire building can be used comfortably, it has been well received by families and groups for long-term stays.
    Number of rooms
    9 rooms in total
    【Internet related】
    All rooms available
    [Connection method]Wireless LAN
    [PC rental]No
    [Internet connection]Free

    【Service & Leisure(Including arrangement)】
    Bicycle rental(Paid)

    【Credit cards accepted locally】
    JCB / Visa / Master/AMEX / Diners

    【Things to bring to customers】
    Toothbrush, shaving, yukata, pajamas are not provided.

    【Rental for those who wish】
    salt/Soy sauce/Sugar/Salad oil/Salt and pepper

    Free parking in each accommodation building(One)
    If you plan to use more than one, please contact us in advance.
    Check In
    From 15:00 to 19:00
    Check Out
    Until 10:00
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    【Accommodation building equipment】
    Freezer / Refrigerator / Gas table / Microwave oven / Electronic kettle / Rice cooker / Kitchen knife / Chopping board / Frying pan / Pan / Bowl / Colander / Vegetable chopsticks / Spatula / Ota / Rice scoop / One measuring cup each
    platter/Small plate/Bowl/Cup/Cup with handle/Chopsticks/Spoon(Big and small)/Fork for each person

    All rooms toilet/Shower in all rooms/Air conditioning and heating in all rooms
    Face towel/bath towel/Body Soap/shampoo/conditioner/Washing machine(With detergent)/Hanger/Washing rope/Hairdryer
  • Administration Building

    The administration building becomes the front desk.
    The case of coming to Irunty Futademura, please visit us here first.

    It has a small village shop and sells groceries, sweets, ice cream, juice, alcohol and ice.
    Here you can also receive rental items.
    The front desk staff are in dark pink polo shirts.

    If you would like to stay at the hotel, we will provide you with a Hoshitate water map.
    Check In
    From 15:00 to 19:00
    Check Out
    Until 10:00
  • Village shop

    There is a small shop inside the administration building.
    In addition to sweets, bread, ice cream, juice, liquor, we also have ingredients for easy cooking in the kitchen of the accommodation building.
    Although it is small, it is also a "helpful shop when running out", and it is also open as a shop for village residents.

    【Opening Hours】
    <Daylight saving time(April to September)>
    8:00 to 12:30 / 14:00 to 19:00

    <Winter time(October to March)>
    9:00 to 12:30 / 15:00 to 19:00
    Bread / Sweets / Snacks / Ice / Juice / Liquor / Rice / Eggs / Vegetables / Cheese / Cup Noodles / Pasta / Somen / Rice Retort Pack / Nori / Bon curry / Curry roux / Pasta sauce / Canned food (side dish / tuna / tomato) Cans, etc.) / Various seasonings / Drip coffee / Stick coffee / Tea tea packs, etc.
    *There are sold separately.
    180 ml of rice/1 egg/Onion/Potatoes/Garlic

    【Daily necessities】
    Toothpaste / toothbrush / adhesive plaster / insect repellent / lotion / sanitary products, etc. 
    *Guests can borrow my bag.
  • Easy breakfast bread set

    We have prepared a great set of bread and drink for those who want to have breakfast easily.
    Irunty Futademura set of 3 pieces of bread + pack juice + stick coffee sold at Irunty Futademura Shop, which will be sold for 300 yen at a regular price of 350 yen.
    You can choose the type of bread or juice you like.
    *Irunty Futademura guests staying at Irunty Futademura only.
    At the time of purchase, we may ask for the name of the room or the name of the representative.

    【Bread + pack juice + stick coffee】
    300 yen
  • Barbecue set & ingredients

    We rent a complete barbecue grill.
    You can enjoy it on the wooden deck of the accommodation building.
    The number is limited, so please make a reservation in advance.
    【Complete rental(1 day)】
    1,100 yen(If you are staying continuously, please specify the rental date)
    Barbecue grill/Table burner/Ignition agent/Tongs(For meat,For charcoal)
    *Charcoal is sold for 1 kg and 350 yen

    【Barbecue ingredients set(1 serving)】
    2,800 yen
    *Please make a reservation at least one week in advance.
    *Salt and pepper can be found in the seasoning rental.Sauces can be purchased at the shop.

    【Barbecue grill set + foodstuff set】
    JPY 1,100 + JPY 2,800
  • Rental bicycle

    Please use it when you go out a little.
    Rent at the front desk.
    Free for up to 1 hour for in-house guests.
    【Lending time】 
    From 8:00 to 19:00(April to September)
    From 9:00 to 19:00(October to March)

    【3 hours】
    500 yen(100 yen plus per hour thereafter)
  • Rental LCD TV

    There is no TV in the accommodation building to enjoy the quiet village atmosphere.
    If you would like to rent a TV, please apply.

    Please make a reservation in advance as the number is limited.
    We do not rent only antennas.
    【Per day】
    2,000 yen