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Experience program

Introducing the experience of Irunty Futademura

Irunty Futademura provides discounted tickets with partner companies, offers educational trips and introduces self-guided programs.
Enjoy traveling with this experience.
  • Discount vouchers that can be used at shops in the Hoshitate Settlement

    Village residents, which is also a fellow support the Hoshitate and Irunty Futademura has partnered with activity operators engaged.
    If you use these activity businesses, you will receive one discount voucher for each night of each guest.
    If you are using this service, please purchase at check-in.
    ・Adult(s):1,000 yen discount
    ・Child(Elementary school-aged children):500 yen discount
    ・Expiration Date:During the stay
    Only one per person can be used per program
  • Provision of educational travel

    Experience Program of Hoshitate Settlement is a member mainly of affiliated companies and conducts educational travel program of Hoshitate Settlement.
    In Iriomote Island, which is famous for nature, leisure tours of the sea and mountains are common.
    On the other hand, living in harmony with nature still remains, and because it is a Hoshitate Settlement that inherits traditional life and Shinto Hoshitate Settlement, it is possible to be told about how people interact with nature.

    There are broadly divided into groups for children and students and groups for adults.
    It is also possible to change the content if desired.
    • Provision of educational travel
      • 【Example 1】
        【Example 1】
        <37 elementary school students 2 Nights/ 3 Days>
        First day:orientation,"Hoshitate Program 1 ・Hoshitate village"
        the 2nd day:"Hoshitate Program 2 Hoshitate food in the sea, mountains, rivers and villages"
        "Hoshitate Program 3 ・ Creating island food from the harvest"
        Third day:Retrospective(Accepting Okinawa Prefecture remote island experience exchange promotion project from 2018)
      • 【Example 2】
        <Group of 4 adults 2 Nights/ 3 Days>
        First day:orientation,"Hoshitate Program 1 ・Hoshitate village"
        Optional program(Night walk/Sanshin experience)
        the 2nd day:"Hoshitate Program 2 ・Hoshitate wild plants at the village"
        "Hoshitate Program 3 Kamai (Ryukyu wild boar"
        Exchange party, guide and Kamai food
        Third day:"Hoshitate Program 4 ・Sabani to the sea at Sabani"
  • Self-guided program

    Hoshitate walk around the Hoshitate, you can see its charm.
    If you wish, we will give you a map of the Hoshitate front desk.
    Take a map and walk around the village.