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Recommended way to spend

There are various experiences that can be done by staying in a Hoshitate Settlement.

Staying in a small, quiet, Hoshitate Settlement water Hoshitate Settlement that Hoshitate Settlement old-fashioned island lifestyle, you can spend a different time from what you would imagine from the so-called resort area, Iriomote Island.
If the stay Irunty Futademura, also feeling as if living in the village.
Please enjoy what you can feel and experience only in this village.
  • Experience affiliated activities

    • Guides who can provide nature and culture of the sea, mountains and rivers

      Has partnered with companies that offer tours, such as service of Hoshitate Settlement resident, is Irunty Futademura those who stay will not receive a discount ticket that can be used in partnership activities.
      Since all businesses are people who are fully immersed in the lives of Iriomote Island and the Hoshitate Settlement, they are not only a guide to nature, but also a strong guide to the culture of the island.
      We encourage you to experience the activities of partner companies and ask them directly what they are interested in.
      You may find that you can experience the deeper Iriomote Island.
  • Let's watch the sunset on the Hoshitate no Hama Beach

    • It's a quiet, westbound beach with few people, so it's a perfect sunset spot

      Hoshitate sea is facing west, you can see the sunset over the sea in summer.
      The sun is strong during the day and it is hot on the beach, but in the evening you can feel the cool sea breeze and sit on the beach to feel the coolness of the evening.
      It is a special time when you can relax with a cold drink and watch the sunset.
      It is said that the sun sets on the horizon even after many years of operation.
      If you see the sun falling on the horizon, you're in luck.
      In addition, even if the sun hits the clouds, it produces a beauty that the colors of the clouds cannot be changed.
      (Please:Be careful not to hinder traffic because the seawall is a road for cars.)
  • Let's make rice on the island

    • Here are some recipes for island-like rice

      There is a kitchen, so why not try making rice using the ingredients from the island?
      You can buy ingredients from the island at supermarkets and unmanned shops.
  • Self-guided program

    • It's a small and quiet place, so it's perfect for a walk

      Hoshitate walk around the Hoshitate, you can see its charm.
      If you wish, we will give you a map of the Hoshitate front desk.
      Take a map and walk around the village.